A holistic approach to sustainable change.


Your ongoing growth, mental health and wellbeing matter.
The Heart Led model of progress integrates mentorship, coaching, and therapy to help you transform your life.


Change takes time and effort, and you deserve to feel understood as a whole person on that journey.


Coaching & Mentorship

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The Sunrise Society

Develop your relationship with yourself inside The Sunrise Society, our morning routine and accountability group to help you build better habits, self awareness and community.


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Re-discover passion in your dating life with on demand courses and coaching designed to inspire growth. Start exploring your future today!


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1:1 Personal Therapy

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The Heart Led Therapy with Preeti Bath offers affordable and accessible counselling for anyone seeking support for their mental health.

Preeti Bath, registered BACP Psychotherapist, is here to help with mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression, understanding grief and specific life events alongside generational trauma and cultural identity.

The Heart Led Therapy is best for those whose life may be interrupted due to their mental health, or who have specific past events they wish to understand better.


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