ADHD & Anxiety don't have to define your story.

It's your life.

How can I help you live it? 

I help people with anxiety and ADHD build confidence and take action in all areas of life. 


Whether it's a work, in dating and relationships or your overall wellbeing, anxiety and ADHD do not have to run your life.

The Heart Led offers tools, learnings, and support to develop your voice, power, and potential.

As a human being first, and a coach second, I take pride in sharing my own journey - including with anxiety and ADHD - where I’ve been, where I'm at, and where I’m headed, to walk life alongside you.

There’s power in being fully human.


Growth and change can be simple concepts, but they're rarely easy to implement. It can feel lonely, overwhelming and frustrating.

The good news is you don't have to do it alone.

Getting support for where you are can help better identify your current hurdles and what exactly holds you back.

In a 1:1 call, we dived into where you're at and map out your next steps to get where you want to go, building confidence along the way.

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Join Preeti Bath, The Heart Led's resident therapist, for accessible and affordable 1:1 support. 

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Discover musings, inspiration and tools across all areas of life including relationships, anxiety and ADHD.

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"Dannielle's approach to ensuring what she’s saying resonates, that you understand and that you have just as much power as her is freeing.

There is a harmony that brings together learning, action and comforting support unique to me and our work as a team.

Working with Dannielle has been like the revitalising plant fertiliser that has helped me bloom to my full potential."

P, 25


"Working more closely with Dannielle, I found myself challenged in ways I never expected, I had to be honest raw and brave.
Working in a small group was really helpful in feeling less alone when being so vulnerable and was an amazing exercise in learning how to open up in a mindful way to others.
When I struggled, Dannielle was always there to support me and check in with me but keep, me accountable to my own actions when needed. I always find that she can strike the right balance between pushing you out of your comfort zone and challenging your behaviour and understanding how to make you feel heard."
M, 27

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