Stay Curious.

In the beautiful pursuit of life, we ask questions, discover answers and marvel at the unknown.



Develop Autonomy.

The Heart Led centers on supporting you to become more you; learn critical thinking, how to shift perspectives, build resilience, and more.


Loving Nature.

To both love nature and be loving by nature. We are nature and have a responsibility to it, using it as our source of inspiration, motivation and dedication.



In 2011 I was diagnosed with clinical depression and chronic anxiety and was stuck in a lackluster, disappointing, and toxic relationship.

If someone had chucked an inspirational quote at me, I would have rolled my eyes so hard they got stuck. I was trapped, hurting, and lost.

At 25 I called off my engagement, setting a new course in my life; one of curiosity and personal development. Though PTSD from my previous relationship and many struggles lay ahead.

In my late 20s, another piece of my puzzle fell into place as I was diagnosed with ADHD. I was naive to what this meant in full, but it helped me make sense of the many struggles I faced.

Over the following years, I began to unlearn and relearn across all areas of life; money, work, mental health, and all kinds of relationships. This growth has happened in a non-traditional pattern, characteristic of ADHD.

In 2019 I began offering to coach others who resonated with my work and share the skills I'd learned. My focus has always been to offer the support I never received. I am proud to connect with others through experience and offer unique perspectives and insights.

Today, I share my work with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide through a wide range of channels, including personal coaching, social media curation, podcasting, and newsletters.




The Heart Led describes the broader, deeper intelligence and inner knowing; a combination of the head, heart, intuition, and consciousness.

Far from a whimsical and simple “listening to our hearts”, we engage the mind, experience, and skill to decipher and move forward - as is intrinsic to progress and discovery.

No sailors successfully navigated the sea by simply following their heart; therein lies the beauty of knowledge, wisdom, and practical experience.

While the heart may form a catalyst for adventure, further tools are required. The Heart Led provides tools and spaces for individuals to get connected, learn life skills, and move forward.


The field of personal development is an incredible space for growth and learning. It's also a place of great vulnerability regarding mental health, ethics, and care.

Individual situations are complex, with a range of obstacles, trauma, and mental health struggles to overcome.

The Heart Led offers coaching and therapy as two separate modalities, each with its own benefits, allowing clients to be met where they're at for their next stage of growth.

One-to-one coaching Dannielle helps clients to reflect, understand and take practical action toward their goals in any area of life, with a focus on relationships and dating, ADHD and anxiety.

Preeti Bath, The Heart Led's resident BACP registered psychotherapist, helps clients with mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression, understanding grief and specific life events alongside generational trauma and cultural identity.

At The Heart Led we are passionate about maintaining a high level of ethical care for clients who place their trust in us.

"Dannielle has a gift. She can spot things other people don't and helps me understand myself better. I love her drawings and practical advice!"

L, 29

"Never had coaching like it. Dannielle listens and spots what I don't say and what else I might be experiencing. Being able to understand what's happening helps me take action - I make fewer excuses every time"

J, 34