The main difference was that I had been taught and engaged with the sport in a way that I never had been before. Growing up, football was dull because I didn't connect with it, it did nothing for me, I didn't understand it - so how could it? Learning about the game changed everything for me and while I'm not an avid follower, I can certainly appreciate a good game when I see one and happily while away a Sunday afternoon watching a game in the pub. #beers

Since then, I've since tried my hand at various sports or taken the time to learn the rules; climbing, fencing, tennis, shooting and squash etc. I'm by no means adept at any, but my understanding of them has greatly impacted my engagement levels.

The bare bones of it is, growing up, girls aren't encouraged to participate in sports in the same way, unless the show a natural ability, and therefore can hugely miss out on the enormous community involvement it can bring.

After living in London for 4 years and slowly adding to my collection of friends, I decided to throw myself in to a new outdoors sport, so I enrolled at super serious rowing club, Thames. Thames Rowing club is home to some incredibly dedicated members, and the novice squad demanded a similar mindset - training Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as at 7am every Saturday and Sunday. But what the hell. 



"Among young people of secondary school age, boys are more likely to participate in sports and physical activity compared to girls. The gap between the genders becomes more pronounced with advanced age..."

Sport England


Get Out Girl focuses on women aged 18+ to offer accessibility and information on various sports, new hobbies and encouragement in areas they may have previously never had the chance to.

It's easy to overlook the ease of which friendships can be made at a younger age, for example at university or casual jobs, but as we get older it can be harder to find new social circles or people to spend time with - life gets busy, it happens. And so when it comes to finding something to do, we tend to stick to what we know.

There is an immense support network to be gained from involving yourself in team sports or trying something new, as well as obvious benefits such as improving leadership skills and confidence, but unless it's already available to you, you're naturally outgoing or willing to really put yourself out there, stepping into an entirely new environment where you know no one can be pretty daunting!

That's where Get Out, Girl comes in: we extend an invite to women everywhere to engage in a community and create an environment where they can try something new.


"I'll give it a go"


In a world full of other people, advice and opinions it can be hard to ever have a clear mind on 'who you are'. And I mean, who you really are, not just who you've become because of what you've lived to date.


My style of coaching is focused on specifically supporting you to harness your own truth, passion, direction and voice. From the jump, we release the pressure, no one's 'telling' you how to be or how to handle a situation, there's no one way to be strong or to explore life - think of this as more like consulting.

Together, our focus is on you, equipping you with the confidence, self-awareness and tools that'll last a lifetime to connect with your individuality through:

  • Encouragement and Mentality

  • Action and Resilience

  • Consistency and Commitment

  • Self Care and Personal Presence

  •  Patience and Self Acceptance

Throughout your programme or workshop, we work toward a deeper understanding, stronger self-belief and unfolding passion into considered, applicable life changes. 

The first thing is, trust yourself. There's a reason you're looking for the right support - this is you already listening to yourself, so let's acknowledge that. Awesome!


Whether you're gearing up for a career change or conflicted over a situation or three, private or group Mindset Coaching and Workshops can help.


Offering alternative insight and observation, each session focuses on actionable, realistic change through self-love, personal growth and living life to the fullest. We discover the answers already inside of you.



CAN             WORK TOGETHER?

Yes - absolutely, but of course, finding the right fit together is important. This doesn't mean you have to have it all together, be in a certain place or have a certain story but I do work with those who are truly ready for a change in their lives and so this is where we start. Are you ready?


I believe there's magic in everyone, and sometimes we just need to uncover it. Come ready and willing and we can work from there, but if you're just looking to go around in circles, I'm not the right coach for you.

Ahead of group workshops, you'll be asked to fill in a little form to give an insight into what you're looking for. Workshops are hosted online, via Zoom. Workshops are hosted in mixed and single-sex groups, so feel free to ask ahead if this is something you'd like to know.

Before One-to-One coaching, we arrange a discovery call together, which is the perfect time to check out our potential - just come as you are as we explore more around your goals, your dreams, hurdles and current mindset. It doesn't matter where you're at, only that you're ready to do the work. After this, if we've decided we're a good fit, we get to work on the right programme for you.

If you're wondering what this is; all One-to-One Coaching starts with a 30 minute, no salesy tactics, open and honest conversation exploring whatever it is that you want to discuss - dreams, heartache, goals, business ideas, self-love, struggle etc. Our aim is to find out more about one another and how working together can move you forward.