The main difference was that I had been taught and engaged with the sport in a way that I never had been before. Growing up, football was dull because I didn't connect with it, it did nothing for me, I didn't understand it - so how could it? Learning about the game changed everything for me and while I'm not an avid follower, I can certainly appreciate a good game when I see one and happily while away a Sunday afternoon watching a game in the pub. #beers

Since then, I've since tried my hand at various sports or taken the time to learn the rules; climbing, fencing, tennis, shooting and squash etc. I'm by no means adept at any, but my understanding of them has greatly impacted my engagement levels.

The bare bones of it is, growing up, girls aren't encouraged to participate in sports in the same way, unless the show a natural ability, and therefore can hugely miss out on the enormous community involvement it can bring.

After living in London for 4 years and slowly adding to my collection of friends, I decided to throw myself in to a new outdoors sport, so I enrolled at super serious rowing club, Thames. Thames Rowing club is home to some incredibly dedicated members, and the novice squad demanded a similar mindset - training Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as at 7am every Saturday and Sunday. But what the hell. 


"Among young people of secondary school age, boys are more likely to participate in sports and physical activity compared to girls. The gap between the genders becomes more pronounced with advanced age..."

Sport England


Get Out Girl focuses on women aged 18+ to offer accessibility and information on various sports, new hobbies and encouragement in areas they may have previously never had the chance to.

It's easy to overlook the ease of which friendships can be made at a younger age, for example at university or casual jobs, but as we get older it can be harder to find new social circles or people to spend time with - life gets busy, it happens. And so when it comes to finding something to do, we tend to stick to what we know.

There is an immense support network to be gained from involving yourself in team sports or trying something new, as well as obvious benefits such as improving leadership skills and confidence, but unless it's already available to you, you're naturally outgoing or willing to really put yourself out there, stepping into an entirely new environment where you know no one can be pretty daunting!

That's where Get Out, Girl comes in: we extend an invite to women everywhere to engage in a community and create an environment where they can try something new.


"I'll give it a go"









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