"Nothing will work unless you do"

-Maya Angelou

Soul Strong brings relatable, simple and caring community together to support your overall wellbeing, action and to achieve your goals.


Soul Strong is your supportive community for personal growth, wellbeing and accountability.

While your life and your path is your responsibility, that doesn’t mean you have to walk it alone. Together we seek to further equip you with insight, tools and skills to deeper explore your mind, body and soul, empowering you into the powerful human you are.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

-Helen Keller

At £15 a month, Soul Strong aims to provide accessible and affordable wellbeing and self care support without compromising on quality or impact.

We know the human mind is a powerful machine, and as our world become increasingly unpredictable and, in many ways, disconnected, our mission to empower you into your potential, beyond the isolating spaces that *not knowing* and fear can take any of us to.

We’re here for human beings being, intentional learning and meaningful connection.

By providing spaces to reflect, resources and tools, Soul Strong supports your continued growth into powerful confidence, mind bending self exploration and creating a life you love.

Soul Strong could be for you if:

– You feel stuck, uninspired & looking for that “extra push”

– You struggle with consistency & want to get into accountability

– You’re looking for some extra pep in your step and inspiration to get out there

– You’d like to build confidence, switch up your routine

– You’re open minded and looking to be more loving in your approach

– You’d like to learn more about boundaries and more meaning relationships

– You’d like to improve you wellbeing and self care practises

Get accountable

Build confidence

stay connected



Kick off your month with a burst of inspiration and loving support as we join together to explore new perspectives, mindset shifts and practical wellbeing tools.

“Soul Strong is all about reminding you of how powerful you are! Progress & change take time, so staying on track can be hard. Instead of getting lost in the set backs, we take this time to recharge & reconnect, so each month has it’s own wins & lessons. It works!”

Dannielle Norman, Coach & Founder

Money matters

Join Natalie Dormer, our Soul Strong money coach, for monthly budgeting & financial mindset tips helping you money understand & manage your money. Between debt, money worries & savings, money confidence can have a huge impact on your life, relationships and wellbeing.

Book Babes

Love reading? Hate it? Want to love reading but find it hard? Book Babes is our monthly book club thats super easy to get into. With books chunked down into sections, audible alternatives and book reviews, you can up your personal growth gains and super size that brain as a team!


Kick start your month with our Soul Strong webinar: a deep dive into inspiration, clarity and focus.


Join our monthly money talk to your budget, monitor your spending & manage financial nerves


Level up on your smarts with our self development book club with page tracking and breakdown.


Keep your eyes on the prize with your monthly planner; set goals, get organised and keep yourself accountable.


Move your feet & wriggle those hips to Soul Strong’s monthly members playlist for morning feel goods and uplifting vibes.

Here's what you can expect from Soul Strong each month:

Soul Strong 90 minute live community call to kick off your month…

Money Matters 90 minute live financial and budgeting workshop….

Monthly goal & wellbeing planner for focus & clarity

Book Babes low key book club… the easiest book club to follow along with, with page break down & book overview

Good Good Morning playlist for wake up feel goods and getting your head on right…

PLUS online portal for replays, downloads & direct links


7:30pm GMT | 2:30pm EST | 11:30am PST

All Soul Strong workshops and calls are hosted online via Zoom, exclusive to members only.


Recording replays are available for previous sessions for the following month.


Soul Strong is accessed through a personal online portal and dashboard, where you will find links, worksheets and recordings.

One last thing...

The online wellbeing and coaching world is RIFE with generalisation, sweeping statements and unfulfillable promises. We look to protect against blurring into that.

Soul Strong will not the a sudden, overnight answer to “all your mental blocks & limiting beliefs”. We are human beings too, living on a spinning rock in the middle of the universe.

Our goal is to support you in your self exploration, discovery of life and learning valuable skills that can save you time, improve your wellbeing and open up the next possibilties.

While this doesn’t sound as seductive as a *powerful motivational speech* may do, we’re here to connect as human beings who want to make our mark in moving toward a kinder, safer, more loving world.

Please seek support from those around you, visit your GP & go to therapy. You can check out our resource page for charities & services that you may find helpful.

“It's your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you”