Why Growth is Hard

The start of 2020 is upon us. So, too, is a time of resolution and promise of change. Sprinkled with hope and a closing door on our last decade, we find ourselves primed for new beginnings, filled with the promise and potential of the next.

Whether physical, mental, or emotional, you may find yourself dreaming up ways to finally coax yourself in to your dream life, the time is now for the real you to come to LIFE. This is it. This is your year.

So, why oh why, with such momentous occasion, do so many of our well laid plans flat line as time rolls on? With a whopping 75% of goals abandoned within 30 days and less than 8% ever actually achieved, the pattern is obvious. So, what's up with that? What happens, between hopeful growth and it's eventual demise?

Well, while the answer may seem multi faceted; unrealistic expectations, lack of motivation or just not being the right time. All signs point to one umbrella: growth is hard.

Oh, you've heard that one before. Of course. But let's expand because specificity is a gift; Growth is hard for the mind. Growth is also hard for the emotions that become attached to the minds difficulty in growth. Both hate discomfort, lack of security and the unknown. Yes, even when you logically know this growth will be good for you.

The brain is a ri