Therapy: Want two weeks free?

Therapy. Well, where to start...

First, let's celebrate that long gone are the days when therapy was reserved for those on the brink of or struggling through crisis.

These days, therapy is a broad term, it can encompass activity, talking with a professional, cold water, various aspects of coaching or even between friends.

I'm a staunch believer that everyone - every single person - should have professionally guided therapy for stretches and seasons, if not always - profession and need reliant.


As a coach, large part of my work is to provide a safe space for clients to improve and grow into their own emotional wellbeing and care, supporting them on their journey. As part of my responsibility in this, I am open about my own engaging in regular therapy.

This is a wellbeing practise for myself, and also serves as safeguarding for my clients. I take my responsibility seriously, and so to ensure I am well cared for mentally and emotionally.

For me, therapy gives me space to discuss whatever I need to, even on the weeks I deem there "nothing to discuss", I still take the hour to explore and digest.


To add in here, I love therapy so much that I will often recommend that my one-to-one or group clients take on therapy while also working with them. This is to support the work we do in coaching and give them the care and attention they deserve.

Coaching and therapy are two different fields, and while they may overlap, I believe strongly in playing to strengths.

I don't avoid subjects, clients are always welcome to raise and discuss whatever they like or need to, however it's normal and common for many to need more intensive support in some areas and so to facilitate this, I love to recommend therapy to compliment the work and journey they're on.

This is my preferred style and recommendation for best results when working with clients, when I believe it's a good idea. It can be incredibly challenging to create change in your life if there is a need yet to be met, therapy can help to create this space and expertise so that coaching can bring in structure and change to move forward.

Remembering that no one support; not a single therapist, coach, leader or friend will be the answer to what you seek can be reassuring when creating the "team" around you.


I appreciate you may not be a coach, or even in a profession where you support others, it's likely you have friends, children, a parter or family who do, in some capacity.

In these circumstances, therapy can support you in caring for yourself, and those you love. You do not have to struggle or cope alone.

You also don't need to be in a desperate position to see a therapist.

Talking and professionally guided therapy can help you to:

- Reflect and digest information

- Build confidence and self esteem

- Find your voice and self expression

- Better understand your thoughts

- Build into patience and compassion for yourself

- Improve mental and emotional health

I'm sure you get the picture. Therapy = good.


Having previously had only in person therapy for several stretches in the past, I switched to online therapy this year for the convenience and affordability (online is often more affordable given that there may be fewer overheads).

This year, I began using the online service BetterHelp, which I highly recommend. And this is who your free two weeks comes in, this is not an ad, but part of their referral scheme - which I don't receive any benefit of, as explained in a moment.

BetterHelp offers phone, video and chat based support, alongside a journal section and topic focused groupinars.

Having previously paid around £120-150 per 1 hour therapy session (yes, really. And that's considered average for many) - Betterhelp was a steal at €40 per week, with a session each week (billed quarterly), especially with all the options to communicate.

I'll admit I was hesitant at first, finding the right therapist can be gruelling and I've had my fair share of really rubbish first sessions.

When you sign up, they take you through a range of questions to help match you to the right therapist, and to my delight, the matching worked a treat. The therapist chosen for me is a delight.

Of course, if they hadn't been, there's options for this too, whereby you can keep checking out different therapists.

Using my referral code, you can receive two weeks of free therapy. As mentioned, I do not receive a kickback from this.

When providing my referral link, I am offered the option to gift one week for free, for one week in return. OR, as I have done, gift my week to you also, giving you two free weeks.

As you can tell, I'd way rather you have the two full weeks, so please enjoy by clicking here.

As far as I am aware, there's no benefit to me at any point in this process. You can sign up, no obligation, and have your two week free trial.

I'm being as transparent as possible on this because I haven't written this with any agenda in mind other than to offer you support and encourage you on your wellbeing journey.


If you still find yourself in need of an extra nudge to go for therapy, here's my top reasons why you may like to:

1) Because, truly, life in inherently traumatic. Yes, it's an exceptionally wonderful gift, but we live on a spinning rock, positioned perfectly from the sun that we don't combust and with little to no sense of what the heck is truly going on.

2) Talking and reflecting is good for mental health, emotional care and all round intelligence. Talking therapies provide a space to process, and receive insight into what one may not already see.

3) It creates a dedicated space for neurotic tendencies. Which, at one time or another, many of us experience. Therapy helps you to set a time to over think, to dig deeper and manage your emotional plate.

Therapy can be one of the most wonderful and liberating tools in your arsenal, and I am forever grateful we live in a world with increased support and community.

If you have any questions, or would like to share your experiences with better health, I'd love to hear them.

Big love,










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