The Heart Led Ethos

When it comes to an ethos centred around the heart, it's easy to jump to whimsical ideals of romance or perhaps, proclaim it should never be trusted. Regardless of your personal take, one thing no one can deny is our hearts influence on our lives.

Now, for clarity, when referring to the heart, The Heart Led leans more broadly to our deeper intelligence and inner knowing; a beautiful combination of the head, heart and gut - our three brains - alongside our intuition and consciousness. And, I'll be honest, when it came to a name, all that would be lengthy, neither the head or gut led made the cut, and the idea of our heart as a centre is easy to translate.

And so, far from simply "listening to our hearts", the engagement our incredible minds, intuition and abilities to decipher and move forward in life is intrinsic to progress and discovery. No sailor ever successfully navigated the sea simply following his heart; therein lies the beauty of knowledge, wisdom and practical experience. While the heart may form a catalyst for adventure, further tools are required.

Being heart led is a way to connect with our most innate sense of being, to take in to account the width and depth of life's vast experience through our own personal lens, alongside the true beauty of our capability to evolve. We are creatures of nature, capable of rational and critical thought, who are scientific, philosophical, emotional, spiritual and carnal.