Get Well Sooner Cold Tonic

Everyone's getting sick. It's that time of year. Colds and sniffles are passed around like party favours, like we're a bunch of toddlers who forget how viruses work. So where our immune systems aren't always up to scratch, we go out when we know we should stay in or simply just not taking care of ourselves - we search in hopes of other ways to get us back on track.

Now, medicine's great. Big fan. But being an old soul through and through and after a few rotten experiences with antibiotics and the such, I also like to keep a check on the amount I put in my body, so where I can, I use natures way to help bring me back up to speed.

This tonic is a gem, but the taste will take some getting used to. I quite enjoy it now, like a savoury hot drink. It doesn't need a long winding introduction, because it works and there's not much else to say other than that. You'll get used to it. More importantly, it's packed full of goodies to blast your immune system.