The Weekend Shift

February 23, 2018

It's Friday and who doesn't love the weekend? Time off. Bliss. But while the end of the working week brings much needed relief for the Monday-Fridayers and we switch off from our work life responsibilities, it's also prime time for feeling a massive downer if the week wasn't quite as successful as we'd hoped for when it comes to our personal goals - whatever they are.


"It's easy to shrug and hang

loose til Monday rolls around

and wait on that 'fresh start'."


Maybe there wasn't time for the training we wanted to start or keep up, or we opted for an impromptu glass of wine or two with friends instead of researching an idea, but whatever it is, we can all find it pretty easy to hit snooze on pursuing our dreams. And, naturally, by this point in the week, we tend to want to switch off from it all anyway, so it's easy to shrug and hang loose til Monday rolls around and wait on that 'fresh start'. 


Unsurprisingly, this pattern tends to repeat itself more times than we'd like to admit and with the weekend accounting for around 30% of our week, this week ain't over till it's over. So, with two glorius days ahead, I thought I'd share 3 thoughts on getting our brains back in gear to achieve and strive to get shit done before the week is well and truly out:


"Go gently on yourself, but that

doesn't mean lose focus."


1. Lighten Up

No one's judging you. Acknowledging that the pressure we can feel to achieve our goals comes from our own selves can be really helpful when planning. Everyone else around us is busing themselves with their own lives, so anything you're setting out to do is purely done for your own benefit. This is your goal and it will grow in line with you. Once we can own our goals as something we do for ourselves, it becomes way more fun. Hurdles and delays are a completely normal part of any journey, it's actually a huge part of what grows and shapes us as we move forward. So, go gently on yourself, but that doesn't mean lose focus. Find a way to enjoy approaching your goal and keep your attitude light enough to give yourself room to grow.


"Something to strive toward,

instead of something we're

running from"


2. Target Practise

When we try to make changes, especially to break a habit or move away from a situation, one of the common traps we can fall into is focusing on moving away from it, which in turn can sometimes lead us to move in *any* direction, instead of focusing on moving toward another 'destination'. By clearly defining where we want to be heading, we can give our minds a focus and something to strive toward, instead of something we're running from. It can also help shift our focus off what we're trying to move away from, and put the positivity of moving towards our new focus instead. It's an incredibly simple strategy, but one that's not all too obvious from the off. 





3. Make it Achievable

A little motto I have is to "dream big, start small". I'll map out what I want to achieve, then scale it down bit by bit till I meet myself back at the very first steps. A 20 minute walk is better than not doing anything at all. Okay, sure, it may not exactly be the training needed for a marathon, but whatever, speed walk it. Even if we're exhausted, taking a small step in the right direction can do wonders for our minds, giving us the go ahead for a little self praise and yeah girl, nice job. Breaking our goals down into small chunks, even tiny, something that's manageable builds a foundation. Try mapping your goal out with just one or two things to tick off a week, especially if it isn't currently part of your day to day life. Making goals nice and bite size can also help relieve the pressure of 'the big picture' or feeling overloaded from the off.


"Achieving our own goals

for own selves is part of self love"


So, if you're binging on the self doubt, save your energy. List 3 things that went right this week, that includes some bangin' ideas you may have had, and 2 achievable goals for the next couple of days. Friday is not a reason to "start again on Monday", start now, start Saturday morning, carve out an hour on Sunday afternoon, send that email, look into that loan.


Focus and achieving our own goals for own selves is part of self love, which never has an off switch. Do it for you.

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