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Hosted online and available worldwide, these small group sessions create a space to explore and learn in an informal and proactive environment.


Focused on a chosen topic, Group Workshops offer a positive and structured approach to life's little adventures. With various sessions available, during the day, evenings and weekends, sessions are focused on flexible learning to suit you.




This two-session series focuses on building your self-love tool kit, balanced independence and how to implement self-love on a daily basis, supporting happier, healthier relationship with yourself and others.


What is self-love exactly?


What if it was a skill you could master?


Self-love gets a lot of air time, with a range of methods and explanations, "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" - easily making it the brand new thing you HAVE to be doing. On this course, we sidestep the pressure and focusing on how you can develop your own practice.

Forget marketing ploys of face masks, new undies and bath bombs, in this workshop we dive into the lesser-seen acts of and approaches to self-love and kindness to really switch on your glow.

Dedicated to unlocking your potential and nurturing your relationship with yourself, this women-only two-session series explores what it means to love yourself, how you can better express it and how that impacts other areas of your life.


Providing a solid foundation for being a happy, healthy adult, self-love informs many of the choices we make for our lives, both big and small. an understanding of mindset, wellbeing and a wide range of approaches, we'll address common misconceptions, expose marketing ploys and invest in discovering more about what your time means, to you. 


With exercises to equip you in difficult times, and reflect with critical thinking, we outline supportive ways to feel more confident in the ways you practise and build on self-love.



Finer Details

Location: Online, via Skype Video

Date: TBC






Price: TBC

Duration: 2 Sessions x 1hr 30 mins (w/ break) 

Please note, this workshop is in two sessions to allow time to digest information and complete workbooks, this is to give you the best opportunity for taking in information and asking questions. 




Beginning this November, The Pack is a private closed men's group covering three workshops exploring wellbeing, self-care and communication.


Focused on encouraging positive self-talk and building healthy relationships with yourself and others, The Pack provides an informative and constructive approach to exploring emotion and managing challenge, alongside finding the freedom and enjoyment in the everyday.


In these small group sessions, we explore mentality and self-articulation through three one and half hour skype calls over three consecutive weeks, supporting better self-connection, communication and emotional skills.

The Pack provides a safe and welcoming space to further develop your understanding of your emotions, goals and frustrations to improve your quality of life, relationships and communication with others. All groups are confidential and maintain a strict privacy policy, with our focus on encouraging honesty and trust within the group.




Finer Details

Location: Online, via Skype Video

Date: TBA






Price: TBA

Duration: 3 Sessions x 1hr 30 mins (w/ break) 

Please note, this workshop is in three sessions to allow time to digest information and complete workbooks, this is to give you the best opportunity for taking in information and asking questions. 







Fancy diving into one of society's biggest taboos? Don't get over excited; we're talking Fear.


As vulnerability, nerves and low key anxiety plague our lives, we take a step back from seeing it as a "weakness" and break down how we can better understand, challenge and manage our relationship with one of life's key emotions. 




Ready to take action on that awesome idea you've had, but you know something's got to give? To get the ball rolling, you've got to start somewhere.


Focused on those first few steps, we explore how to get in the right mindset to push forward with the future you want for yourself. From starting your own side hustle or asking for a promotion, we move past what's holding you back.




Dating; on your terms. Forget the minefield of dating apps, "new rules" & what they're really thinking. Focus on building confidence, learning about yourself & having fun as we explore ways to set & manage your own expectations & make the most of livin' la vida single.


This is not "how to find the one", but instead how to enjoy learning more independence while still being open to possibilities & avoid the dreaded "settling".




From losing friends to partners, this part of adult life is somewhat unavoidable; but breakups can suck.


In this workshop we put the focus firmly back on you, to find space to think, to feel and process the wide range of emotions this time can bring, keeping you on track for a healthy relationship with yourself, and others in the future.

Please note, you are not required to share any details about your break up or circumstance.






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February 25th

Introduction to Meditation

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Want to look and feel better?


Maybe you've heard - "mindfulness is the tried and tested age-old practice proven to boost your mood, manage your headspace and mindset" So, why oh why, if meditation is so great, do so many people struggle to get started?


Meditation works. Science backs it up. But this doesn't mean it's easy to start. Distraction, frustration and "am I doing this right?" are common.

Designed for complete beginners, or those with little-no experience, Introduction to Meditation provides you with the tools and knowledge to coax your body and mind toward healthier, happier habits.


In this 75 minute workshop,  you'll be taught the foundations of meditation, why and how it works, alongside the small steps you can take to bridge the gap between you and the Dalai Lama. 

Meditation is known to support and improve many areas of life, including:

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Fitness and health goals

- Mood management

- Physical health 

- Productivity

Experience the powerful benefits of guided meditation and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to support your growth, master your mind and change your life.

When: Tuesday 25th February, 7:30pm

Where: Online Webinar*

Investment: £15