The Get Out Girl Members Area is your at-hand resource for growth, wellbeing and personal development. 


Long gone are the days where "girl talk" meant only make up, shopping & breakups (still valid tho) - we're here for real life. And with that 'real life' comes a lot that we're not always fully equipped for, naturally.


Aimed at de-stigmatising "girly" conversation, Girl Talk takes on some of our bigger questions of life, not so philosophical, think more along the lines of subjects that affect our lives. We'll explore everything from coding, start ups and finance to stress, boundaries and supporting self growth. 

By answering questions you get to ask, exploring solutions & joining in community, our focus is to help everyone feel that little more supported in tackling life and work.

The 'F' Word

Monday 25th March, 2019

 Location TBC, £12, 7:10am


Fancy diving into one of society's biggest taboos? Don't get over excited, we're not talking sex; we're talking Fear. As vulnerability, nerves and low key anxiety plague our lives, we take a step back from seeing it as a "weakness" and break down how we can better understand, challenge and manage our relationship with one of life's key emotions. 

Please note, this session is not an alternative to therapy or professional support, it's a resource to add to your tool box, developing life skills. If you're struggling with mental health or wellness, please speak with your doctor or a medical professional. You may find these resources helpful signposts.

Money management

Okay let's admit it, even the title gives some of us sweaty palms. If you dread checking your bank balance or feel a lack of control around your finances, the first step is admitting it & regaining control. This small group workshop offers practical & applicable advice on taking the fear out of money management & putting you in better stead for your spending, both future & present.

"Do you" Dating

Dating; on your terms. Forget the minefield of dating apps, "new rules" & what they're really thinking. Focus on building confidence, learning about yourself & having fun as we explore ways to set & manage your own expectations & make the most of livin' la vida single. This is not "how to find the one", but instead how to enjoy learning more independence while still being open to possibilities & avoid the dreaded "settling".

Key to Confidence

Self doubt hampering your career dreams? After a boost of the feel goods? Join this small group workshop to learn more about why you're more capable than you think and how this curiosity is the secret to low key swagger.