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Work With...

 From brands to individuals, there are several ways to get involved with The Heart Led, from commissioning feature content and talks to photography and planning.


The Heart Led thrives on discovery and experience so get in touch to share your journey, ideas and adventures. It's always great to hear about interesting opportunities to work with brands, businesses and individuals - either in collaboration through posts, blogs or other content or in a freelance capacity.

My hard and fast rule is we have to get along on values and ethos, we have to have a good fit - you can check out more of what that means to The Heart Led community here.


Collaborations can include coaching and public speaking, consulting, advertising, sponsored posts, videos, interviews, reviews, giveaways, or even sponsorship for events. 

Any samples sent for review are for consideration only and do not guarantee coverage unless a commercial agreement agreed.

Pop an email over to or, if you prefer, reach out via the contact page.


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