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We're focused on learning, growth and being the very best version of ourselves. Covering a range of information from self love and wellbeing to managing finances and asking for a raise, In a world of constant media and notifications, it's no wonder our brains can become frazzled with information or run off on a tangent. For our community, we streamline a whole load of information you may find interesting, helpful and keep you on the right track to achieving your goals - whatever they are


As a member, you'll enjoy:


- Monthly Focus; Each month we pick one area of our lives to make the focus, from switching off on social media (oh the irony) to putting your money where you want, we share some simple tips and tricks to see what small changes we can all be making in our lives to get more of what we want, improving our quality of life.


- Screen Media; It's easy to forget when life gets busy, so in line with the weekly focus, you'll receive a screen lock image downloadable to your mobile phone or tablet to help keep this focus in the front of your mind. If you'd like one for your desktop or similar, just ask. 

- Social Planner; Got an evening free? Our weekly social planner lets you know what's on that may be of interest, as well as ideas for new hobbies, projects and business support. (London focused)

- Events; Nab a healthy discount on all Get Out Girl events plus those from our specially chosen partners.


- Women's Round Up; A small summy of interesting news stories and articles from around the world that relate specifically to women's development, health, business and equality. 




Join Get Out Girl as a member and enjoy social planning ideas, discounts for events, weekly newsletters and monthly focused worksheets to enhance your personal development and self-care.









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