Coaching with Connection

Okay , bubba, first of all, let's be real...


I'm a whole human being, you're a whole human being. This is where we start.

Whether through a course, a group or one to one programme, my passion is to support you in defining and developing your story, your confidence and your voice - who you are -, then unlocking, encouraging and uplifting you in living that out.

As a human myself, I've gone through - and continue to, as we all do - this. Life is tricky, "set backs" are normal and I do not believe you're "unfixable", no matter what society has to say.

My mission isn't to "fix" you, because you aren't broken, You're learning.

Good-to-know-ism #1:

we are nature

What even IS coaching?

Below I've outlined some *things you should know*, which give you a great insight into working with me and how we roll

Coaching can be a beautiful space for you to gain insight, reflect and feel supported in your journey, especially in times that feel overwhelming, confusing and repetitive. 

With this in mind, it's important to remember the aim isn't for you to be *told* the answers, but instead be guided in discovering your own. No coach, therapist or guide has the answer of who you are - and if they claim to: run.

Comparing yourself to others?

Scared for the future?

Not where you "should" be?

Trapped by fear and pleasing others?

Deep down you want so much more.

Life happened.

Whether all at once or over time, from an unfair hand, or unfortunate events, much seems lost.

And now, you're stuck.


Repeating cycles of behaviour, doubting yourself and wondering how it'll ever work out.

Chances are, if you're here, you're at a point ..

Just out of grasp...

Perhaps you even got part way to achieving it; you thought maybe, just maybe, this could be the ticket.

And I spent the majority of my life burdened by the weight of who I thought I should be; not only from society but also to avoid everything I was scared of.

From anxiety and mental health, through to rotten relationships and lacking self worth, something inside me just knew there was more; I just didn't know how to connect the dots.

Today I share my passion and love for life with others, inspiring change, endless possibility and action through education, practical application and doing the damn work.



- Absolve you of mortality


- Promise you'll never experience life's many emotions and experiences

- Your laundry and weekly shop


- Troubleshoot on mental and emotional blocks, reflecting on your best choices and mapping for powerful breakthroughs


- Support you in creating systems and structures that benefit your overall wellbeing, self care and self love development

- Remind you that you are enough, you're doing a great job and more capable than you can ever image (HELL YEAH)

Across any of my coaching, we focus on supporting you to harness your own truth, passion, direction and voice.

Also known as your autonomy.


So however you choose to get involved, know you're welcome just as you are. Release the pressure. No one's 'telling' you how to be or how to handle a situation, there's no one way to be strong or to explore life.


Think of this as more like consulting.

Together, our focus is on you, equipping you with the confidence, self-awareness and tools that'll last a lifetime to connect with your individuality through:

  • Encouragement and Mentality

  • Action and Resilience

  • Consistency and Commitment

  • Self Care and Personal Presence

  •  Patience and Self Acceptance

We work toward a deeper understanding, stronger self-belief and unfolding passion into considered, applicable life changes.