Wellbeing and Personal Development through nature, sports, skill and knowledge.


Get Out Girl is a mindset; a moment living, life loving, risk taking, passion driven approach to the every day.

Whatever the activity, Get Out Girl’s aim is to break down mental boundaries around fear & challenges, both personally and communally, using nature, curiosity and adventure as timeless inspiration.


A Curious Life

“The odds of each of our individual existence is 1 in 10... followed by 2,685,000 zeros. There isn't even a word for that number; it's incredible. Life is incredible.


My story starts and continues with my passion for life; a scope to embrace it fully for all it has to offer. Having always been in love with life, fascinated by the mysteries of nature and the inexplicable wonder of 'why?', my enthusiasm has also been met in equal measure with devastating lows, journeying through crippling anxiety, grief, illness, breakups, unemployment and loneliness.


After an adult life diagnosis of ADHD, and not one to shy away from the intensities of life, I set about mastering my mind, emotions and future through wellbeing and adjusting my mental approach. Through self-development, nature and adventure I focused my energy on the deep-rooted joy I knew life could bring, creating for myself not only a firm resilience of mind but a pathway for stepping into the life and freedom I'd dreamed of.


I've always been curious; it's the only word for it and so it has become my most valiant sidekick. Pushing on my intrigue became the answer - be more curious about what's on the other side, than you are willing to stay put.

Throughout all this, nature is my muse. She spins me round, roughs me up a little and reminds me how little control I have over anything, despite what I may think.

Through Get Out Girl I aim to share how rare and limitless life is - how normal fear is and what we're all capable of, regardless of where we're at. It's my passion to empower, to bring more awareness to the incredible things women are achieving and nurture overall wellbeing.

Pushing comfort zones, overcoming obstacles in our daily lives, and redefining how robust we are with our fears unleashes a new level of potential. My goal is to explore more of what holds us back, then face up to it; freedom at every turn.


Get Out Girl is a mindset; of pursuing curiosity and playfulness, of taking charge and responsibility - not living life by limitations. It's a space to engage in conversation, gain insight and, essentially, to get out there."


Dannielle Norman, Founder       


It's worth noting this isn't about 'labels' as such, my own exploration of life with ADHD focuses on understanding the chemical balance of the brain as a tool to harness and enhance my life and abilities.


Learning that ADHD is linked to low production of dopamine in the brain has allowed me to be aware of other factors at play that may also affect this, such as sleep, exercise and nutrition. In turn, this awareness has also led me to pursue a wide range of curiosities and interests as a result of being highly stimulated, incorporating a wealth of pursuits, skills and lessons through one incredible experience of life.


ADHD is enormously undiagnosed in women, given that it can present differently, that learned social behaviours picked up by girls from a younger age can mask symptoms or that they don't always fit in with the common associations of disruptive behaviour. 


As a champion of wellbeing and mental health, I'm also a firm believer that our mental and emotional approach and conditioning is our individual responsibility, with the correct support systems used to enhance our own path. With this in mind, if you feel this resonates with you or suspect you may like to speak with a qualified medical professional to recieve the correct support. Diagnosis is not about changing who you are, but better understanding the way your brain functions in order to respect and work with this incredible chemical balance.


You may find these resources helpful:


AADD UK - For adults with ADHD

 ADHD Foundation

NHS advice on ADHD






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Get Focused

The Get Out Girl creates a safe environment for women to explore, build and exercise confidence, independence and skill.


Through an understanding of personal development and activity to unleash potential, character and push boundaries while celebrating passion for life and the great outdoors.


We aim to do this across three specific areas:

1. Community

We believe in strength in numbers and the unrivalled support of those around us.

2. Independence 

We're big on self love and growth. Knowledge is power, there's no doubt, and we want more of it.

3. Respect

For both ourselves and the environment, we believe better habits and better attitudes are what make the difference.