Get Out Girl is a mindset; a moment living, life loving, risk taking, passion driven approach to the every day.

With a focus on wellbeing, community and developing skill, Get Out Girl makes information, nature and growth accessible to more women.

Whatever the activity, Get Out Girl’s aim is to break down mental boundaries around fear & challenges, both personally and communally, using nature, curiosity and adventure as timeless inspiration.


A Curious Life

“The odds of each of our existence is 1 in 10... followed by 2,685,000 zeros. That's you being born as who you are. There isn't even a word for that number; it's incredible.

I'm curious; it's the only word for it. I'm completely in love with the mind blowing reality of being alive. Captured by everything my imagination unfolds, flinging myself round unknown bends and throwing doors wide open. I'm that kind of creature; drawn in to rapture by an endless fascination with life.

Satisfying knowledge and pushing on intrigue have become crucial pillars of self development, fitness and strength in my adult years. Get my heart racing and my mind working, I'll be beaming from ear to ear. But it doesn't come without it's hesitations.

Navigating comfort zones isn't always an easy ride, but ease is never the fun of it.  Overcoming obstacles in our day to day lives, learning how best to engage with the areas that push our limits, and in the best possible way, redefine how robust we are with our fears unleashes a new level of potential. I want to explore what makes us nervous.

Nature is my muse. It spins me round, roughs me up a little and reminds me how little control I have over anything - despite what I may think.

Get Out Girl is my platform for engaging with outdoor activity, experiences, skill and personal development, a demonstrative way to show what we're all capable of, regardless of what our head's telling us. With a passion to empower, my goal is to bring more awareness to the incredible things women are achieving, nurture harboured goals, rally support and benefit overall wellbeing and personal headspace.

Get Out Girl is a mindset; of pursuing curiosity and playfulness, not living life by limitations. It's a space to engage in conversation, gain insight and, essentially, to act as an invitation to come get involved - often, that's all it takes."

Dannielle Norman, Founder       

Get Focused

We care about community, we care about the environment and we care about wellbeing.

Get Out Girl empowers through an understanding of wellbeing, personal development and activity to unleash potential, character and push boundaries while celebrating passion for life and the great outdoors.

Get Out Girl aims to work in three specific areas:

1. Community

Alongside highlighting and discussing areas for change, we want to bring more exposure to individuals, companies and communities that are already doing incredible things for women and the environment. Our community focus is to raise awareness and spread information about what is already happening, what is already available and enhance avenues of opportunity and inspiration. 

2. Skill & Self Development

Knowledge is power, there's no doubt about it and we want to get involved. Through learning new skills and enhancing our proverbial"tool kit", we aim to encourage more women to build confidence, pursue passions and enjoy their lives through practical application. Also, we just want to get our hands dirty and have some fun. 

3. Wellbeing & Nature

We vehemently believe we are nothing without nature. We also believe we are part of this nature. So, for both ourselves and the environment, we look to encourage the right attitudes towards self care and environmental conservation. Through information and encouragement, we look to explore ways to better care for ourselves and the nature we love so much.