Morning Magic

Begin your day with clarity, confidence and consistency…

Waking with the right focus, prepared for decision making and with clarity for direction can provide important structure in a chaotic world.

Creating a routine that’s light and easy to follow allows you to build consistency and confidence when you need it most.

Morning Magic Routine is your introduction to daily practises that support your overall wellbeing and growth, specially designed for effortless and enjoyable practise, including:

Morning Magic Manifestation Meditation

Start your day with a dedicated, purposefully written 10-minute guided meditation, to hone your focus and boost your boost, giving you an advantage over days that can easily feel beyond your control.

Morning Magic Journaling 

Followed by a free-writing journalling practise, with optional questions to support your articulation, self expression and personal reflection development, giving you greater insight into your daily choices, wellbeing and ongoing support.

Morning Magic Journalling Growth Plan

Whether you’re new to writing or a seasoned pro, develop your journalling practise through Morning Magic Journaling Growth, a 31 day journaling practise to reflect on your understandings, beliefs and attitudes towards yourself, supporting you to reveal deeper aspects of your mindset and grow toward your goals

Medicinal Meditation

Enjoy regular breaks throughout the day, with Medicinal Meditation – a specialised meditation practise from The Heart Led, prescribed just like any supplement, to enhance and improve your mindset throughout the day. Recommended prescription: 2-3 times daily.


The Magic of Affirmations

Reclaim your thoughtlife through powerful affirmations with the Morning Magic introduction. Learn how they work, how to use them and how to effecitvely review them regularly using the Affirmation Audit, creating impactful statements and believable goals for you to step toward.

Morning Magic Routine has been created to support your ongoing wellbeing, mental health and personal development, to be used as a stepping stone into your truest thrive ever.

Every day your life provides opportunity, paths you can take and choices you get to make; your life is a gift and you a gift to it.