Hi, I'm Dannielle

founder of The Heart Led

Welcome to The Heart Led.

If I told you you’re right where you should be, would you believe me? Pass it off a corny cliche?

I get it, whether you’re down for inspo quotes or not, sometimes the mounting pressure, dizzying frustration and that huge question mark hovering above your head like a sims character…. Kinda gets to you.

In 2011 I was diagnosed with clinical depression, I’d spent the bulk of the year before hand with chronic anxiety (I didn’t know it was that at the time, I just cried a lot) and was stuck in a lacklustre, disappointing and toxic relationship.

Honestly, if someone had chucked an inspo quote at me at the time, I would have likely spewed venom. I was trapped, hurting and lost.

It’s almost like a few nice words… can’t fix everything… (shock)

While in my most intense periods of struggle, I was overwhelmed by the picture perfect image of growth, change and healing; the relentless need for progress, dogmatic positivity and complete disregard for what can make life complicated for so many.

After years learning and growth to overcome my own struggle, I founded The Heart Led as a space of rest, support and belonging for others on their own journey, with tools and insight that hadn’t been there for me. To welcome who you are now, not just who you think you should be.

I felt alone, exhausted and truthfully, like a lost cause. My life had only one sad looking direction and it hung over me.

But there was more to discover…

As an eternally curious soul, asking questions has always been my way of being and with my free spirited nature and love to explore, the next steps of my personal growth led to one small improvement after the next as I grew in my experience, intuition and knowledge.

Today, I share these tools, insights and vision with others, to save you time, inspire hope and impact change. My aim is to support us all in understanding and mastering our own story, reconnecting with the root of our hearts and intentions to be present in this one rare life.

No subject is off-limits as we explore all areas of life and what makes you, you: from nature and chemistry, science and spirituality through to our pasts and relationships with others. Together, we work holistically to understand and develop your autonomy, reprogram subconscious patterns and transform theory into liveable, impactful action.

As a human being first, and a coach second, I take pride in sharing where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m headed, to walk life alongside you. There’s power in being fully human.

The Heart Led holds the intention to acknowledge the light and dark of life as equally valuable, to inspire and serve your vision, to educate and consistently remind you of your power.

While the road is long, not always easy, and often unclear, it continues nonetheless. The choices you make in life define and speak for you, determining your direction.

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Live The Story You Want To Tell


Our philosophy is simple: stay curious. About yourself, your next steps and the rarity of life.

Together, we ask questions, discover answers and marvel at the unknown.

Fear can serve up one hell of a convincing lie, and unpacking what holds you back doesn’t happen overnight, but you don’t have to stay there.

Born from a deep appreciation for the rarity of life, The Heart Led centres on supporting you becoming more you; learn critical thinking, how to shift perspectives, build resilience and more.


In a space of unconditional growth, compassion and love, we nurture much needed human connection, confidence, and clarity through exploration of heart, mind, and soul.

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