SURE, we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? But more than just getting your nutritional and hunger fix, breakfast helps form structure to our day as well as provide an opportunity for some self-love and tastiness.

This 3-minute breakfast bowl is another little formula for combining a number of different ingredients and feels a bunch more luxe than the time it takes to prep would have you thinking.

Smoothie and Acai bowls are big deals in cafes and restaurants, fetching some pretty decent price tags for their drool worthy contents, so whether you use it for some self spoilin’ or whip it up for friends, it’s a decent and straight forward set up for your breakfast skill set.

Pick and choose the frozen fruits you use for a base (frozen banana provides amazing texture) and play around with the toppings. There are gazillions of possible combinations, but in the recipe below I’ve just given a good example of go to’s I choose based on what I have.



– Frozen fruit, couple of handfuls per person. Good to use a couple of different.

– OJ or juice of choice

– Splash of water or half a handful of crushed ice cubes


– Nuts, seeds- Granola

– Peanut butter (I’m a recent convert to smooth, and love Pip and Nuts version. No palm oil too!)

– Other nut butters. Because why not

– Coconut chips

– Chopped fresh fruit


1. Place frozen fruit, OJ and crushed ice/water into a container for blending. You want the ratio of frozen fruit:liquid around 65:35. Either stand up or stick blender will work. Combine for to your desired consistency, looking for a thick puree. Don’t worry if you’ve got too much liquid, just add in some more frozen fruit.

2. Pop into your bowl and get decorative with your toppings.

That’s it. That simple!

Some other toppings you might like to try include:

– Chocolate chips

– Dried mango

– Cranberries or Raisins

– Cinnamon and cocao powder

– Jams or preserves

– Local honey or maple syrup- Cereals or muesli

– Fresh juicy fruits, like mango or peach

– Crumbled cookies

– Cacao nibs

– Grape nuts

– Chia Seeds

I love using this recipe when I want something fresh but comforting, especially because of the fruity berries and the PB – try out your own flavour combinations and let me know what you think!
Remember: breakfast sets you up for the day in more ways than one.

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