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I'm Dannielle

founder of The Heart Led

Welcome to the next chapter of your life

I help free spirits, big hearts and curious minds to (re)connect to and (re)discover yourself, build confidence and take action.

Together, we work holistically to understand and develop autonomy, reprogram subconscious patterns and learn how to transform theory into liveable action.

The Heart Led offers tools, learnings and support to develop your voice, power and potential.

As a human being first, and coach second, I take pride in sharing my own journey, where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m headed, to walk life alongside you. There’s power in being fully human.

Wherever you are, there is hope to be found.


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    Our philosophy is simple: stay curious. About yourself, your next steps and the rarity of life.

    Together, we ask questions, discover answers and marvel at the unknown.

    Fear can serve up one hell of a convincing lie, and unpacking what holds you back doesn’t happen overnight – but you don’t have to stay there.

    Born from a deep appreciation for the rarity of life, The Heart Led centres on supporting you becoming more you; learn critical thinking, how to shift perspectives, build resilience and more.

    In a space of unconditional growth, compassion and love, we nurture much needed human connection, confidence, and clarity through exploration of heart, mind, and soul.